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The Intern Diaries- Slave labour in the 21 Century

There is a new black market in Australia, masking exploitation of unpaid work. The larger impact of Internships are affecting an entire generation… The ‘twenty-somethings’, who are the most educated generation and absurdly… Continue reading

Twitter interview with Jordie Lane

A few week backs I was lucky enough to make contact with musician Jordie Lane over TWITTER. He was in Europe at the time, we exchanged emails and he helped me out with… Continue reading

A new ROUTE for the Australian music scene…

It has been disputed by skeptics that the Australian music scene lacks cultural identity. If anything it lacks consistency with live Music Venues and liquor laws across all states of Australia. The Mecca of… Continue reading

The role of social media in the Arab Spring…

  Background: The “Arab Spring” in Tunisia, Egypt and elsewhere in the Mid-East heavily relied on the Internet, social media and technologies like Twitter, TwitPic, Facebook and YouTube in the early stages to… Continue reading

The Intern Diaries…. coming soon!

(AB)using Interns Everyday I am spotting a new ad for an organization seeking unpaid interns. (Especially on the number one media and entertainment source I am not using my article to depict… Continue reading

Interview with blogger Alyssa Jones

We continually adjust to the world around us, that once childlike-innocence can quickly turn into ignorance if we don’t learn to keep up with the obstacles life throws us. Blogger and News Media… Continue reading

Morocco Journal

“How many camels for her?” the man said, thrusting his chin at my friend. We gasped. Clearly, we were not in Kansas anymore. Ah… Morocco. Singer Loreena Mckennitt once compared it to “a… Continue reading

Tram Sessions proposal for Shant- ‘Live Music smooth rides for Melbourne commuters’

Mandela Fever

There is no easy walk to freedom anywhere, and many of us will have to pass through the valley of the shadow of death again and again before we reach the mountaintop of… Continue reading

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