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The Intern Diaries- Slave labour in the 21 Century

There is a new black market in Australia, masking exploitation of unpaid work. The larger impact of Internships are affecting an entire generation… The ‘twenty-somethings’, who are the most educated generation and absurdly… Continue reading

The voice of Australia- Do we have freedom of speech?

The voice of Australia- Do we have freedom of speech? In Australia we treasure the freedom to tell it as it is. It is an aspect of our tradition, and now embedded in… Continue reading

A new ROUTE for the Australian music scene…

It has been disputed by skeptics that the Australian music scene lacks cultural identity. If anything it lacks consistency with live Music Venues and liquor laws across all states of Australia. The Mecca of… Continue reading

Pippa Marie’s exhibition at the Bohemian Grove, Surry Hills.

My dearest Friend Pippa had a brilliant exhibition a few weeks back, I am currently writing a review so stay tuned. This wednesday I will upload the radio podcast Interview with Pippa and… Continue reading

BloodStains Exhibition…. with friends at The Space 44.

WHAT’S the first thing that comes to mind when you have a bunch of blank skateboard decks? The team that runs Space 44 art gallery at Cronulla decided to find some artists, mainly… Continue reading

The role of social media in the Arab Spring…

  Background: The “Arab Spring” in Tunisia, Egypt and elsewhere in the Mid-East heavily relied on the Internet, social media and technologies like Twitter, TwitPic, Facebook and YouTube in the early stages to… Continue reading

The Intern Diaries…. coming soon!

(AB)using Interns Everyday I am spotting a new ad for an organization seeking unpaid interns. (Especially on the number one media and entertainment source I am not using my article to depict… Continue reading