Twitter interview with Jordie Lane

Jordie currently on International tour- photo supplied by manager Alastair Burns

A few week backs I was lucky enough to make contact with musician Jordie Lane over TWITTER. He was in Europe at the time, we exchanged emails and he helped me out with an article i recently wrote “A new ‘ROUTE’ for the Australian music scene’.

Here are the questions I asked Jordie about Australian Music, and his recent gig on Melbourne’s Yarra Tram.

  •  How did you find out about TramSessions?

Did you approach the boys to play? My pubicist gave me a call one day and said they were interested in having me play on the tram. I thought this was a great concept. Melbourne Trams have always been a huge part of my life, and inspiration.

  •   How does this enhance your music?

Being able to play in new spaces always helps you as a performer. And a strange new environment for the stage, being a Tram Carriage was so much fun, and challenging to stay upright, especially round those tight corners.

  •   Musicians are matched to routes that their music represents, what route did the Jordie Lane take?

I’m guessing you are talking of the Tram Route taken? We took the 86 Bundoora RMIT/ Docklands Route. i have lived near my whole life. And gathered so many experiences and stories from being on that Tram that have fallen into my songs.

  •   What are your thoughts on the Australian Music Culture and venues?

I think we have so many talented people and so many great venues. I think we are spoiled in Australia, and sometimes we don’t know. We take it for granted that for instance, Melbourne has almost the most amount of bars in the world with live music, per capita. I will say that sadly many Australian’s don’t appreciate and support what is being produced here. It’s sometimes that age ol Tall poppy syndrome creeping in.

  •   Has this created a wider target audience for your music?

I guess online content is helping everyone out there, so Im sure it’s got my music out there to many more people. It was a really fresh way of performing and for the audience to see the music too.