BloodStains Exhibition…. with friends at The Space 44.

WHAT’S the first thing that comes to mind when you have a bunch of blank skateboard decks?

The team that runs Space 44 art gallery at Cronulla decided to find some artists, mainly those from the skate and surf community, to put their own modern art on skateboards from Lowdown Skate Shop, also at Cronulla.

The result is Bloodstains, an art exhibition that opens at Space 44 on Saturday which features the designs of 21 artists, skateboarders and surfers, including Brett Chan, Ozzie Wright and Nick Chalmers to name a few, plus a DJ set by the Vines.

Aaron Girgis, from Space 44, said there were no limits with the design as long as artists used the same deck canvas to work on.

For more information on The Space 44 ( run by my amazing friends! JO&JACK) visit