Interview with blogger Alyssa Jones

We continually adjust to the world around us, that once childlike-innocence can quickly turn into ignorance if we don’t learn to keep up with the obstacles life throws us.

Blogger and News Media Student Alyssa Jones has deliberated on human experience for many years on her Blog

Alyssa has managed to put a positive twist on public transport. What most consider an inconvenience, for Alyssa it has provided a platform for creativity in her posts.

After spending much time observing and recording her thoughts on human interaction Alyssa is now currently  undertaking  her Certificate 3 in News Media at Petersham Tafe.  A decision influenced by her Mother.

From her own family experiences she has developed a curiosity in how families work.

“I watch families on the train to see how they interact, trying to pick up how broken or how well they functioned”.

One particular experience stuck with her after watching an innocent toddler on the train. The child appeared to come from a dysfunctional family which got Alyssa thinking about the factors that shape young children’s lives and how easily these can be shaped by the environments we are subjected too. “I was thinking it would be weird in 20 years that she would not be fascinated by doing stupid little things” The notion that you can never predict what life holds became a reoccurring thought for Alyssa’s own life.

Family, friends, a few wrong choices and a near death experience have all shaped the Talented Alyssa Jones who is well beyond her 18 years of age.  Alyssa is testament to the fact that ultimately you have the final decision and can shape your life for the better.

Although she did not go into great personal details you can read about Alyssa’s experiences and thought on her blog