Mandela Fever

There is no easy walk to freedom anywhere, and many of us will have to pass through the valley of the shadow of death again and again before we reach the mountaintop of our desires. – Nelson Mandela

Photo taken by PGFB - in South Africa

Photo taken by PGFB – in South Africa

The question in present is not Death but when…

He stands shoulder-high among the world leaders in the present and past. Mandela’s ability did not lie in war tactics nor racial segregation, His strength was present through his integrity. diplomacy and persistence. Suffering 27 years as a political prisoner Mandela is an ambassador for triumph and hope.

At the age of 93, The former president’s health is rapidly deteriorating. Mandela’s death will have a momentous impact on South Africa’s Identity, leaving the nation in apprehension and utter Fear of what is to come.

The fear comes from the spiralling corruption within the South African government which has the ability to soon become cruel and callous without the values upheld by Mandela’s involvement in African National Congress (ANC)

Post Mandela the ANC corruption has slowly spread through the organisation, losing hold of the ANC fundamental principles.

Their system of nepotism is so deeply embedded in the ANC that they it may be too late to change until a notable opposition rebukes the current government. The vulnerability of the party has been widely published through the media only further highlighting their materialistic ways and exploitation.

When President Jacob Zumba can get off serious corruption charges how can we expect anything less from his administration. Im sure they have enough dirt on each other that no one would dare blow the whistle. Affiliated ACN Judge, Nkola Motata was quoted saying;

“We are going to kill you Whites like flies when Mandela dies” –

This same judge has been acquitted of a charge of “driving with an excessive amount of alcohol in his blood”
A great example of equality and justice for South Africa? I think not.

It is only ironic that after serious allegations of corruption were leaked against the current government under the leadership of Jacob Zumba,  A new Media secrecy law emerges.  The bill allows for 25-year jail terms for anyone found in possession of classified government information. Leaving the Nation in trepidation, what are they hiding?

The role set by the ANC will have an immense impact on the people of South Africa. Without Mandela‘s guidance the nation will seek direction from their political leaders.

Mandela was a positive influence, a gracious and determined leader who freed the people of South Africa and provided racial equality. The ACN base their leadership on greed and dishonestly, they teach the notion that success is not achieved via education and justice but through political connections and government “favours”  contradicting everything Nelson Mandela stood for.

Mandela fought hard for South Africa’s freedom, Their right to be heard and speak out may soon come to an end…